In order for your HVAC unit to operate at peak efficiency, you need to change your air conditioning filter on a regular basis. But the benefits of this bit of household maintenance go far beyond your power bill. The Rock Hill, SC air conditioning contractors at American Air Heating & Cooling want to share the following information that may help you make this task a priority.

For starters, look for the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) of your filter. For home A/C units, this value ranges from 1 to 12. The higher the number, the better the filtration.

If you don’t change your air filter as you should, you’ll restrict the air flow in your cooling system. The system will have to work harder. That takes more energy. You’ll end up paying higher energy bills. Changing the air filter is just one energy-saving tip for your air conditioning system.

Most importantly for your pocketbook, neglecting your air filter can cause your cooling system to break down. You’ll pay more in repair costs than the costs of the filters themselves.

Should you need any type of air conditioning repair in Rock Hill, SC, American Air Heating & Cooling is the place to call. With over 20 years of service to the community, we have the knowledge and experience to fix your air conditioning system on the first call.