Did you know that nearly half of the total energy used in your home goes towards cooling and heating your home? That means there are probably some things you can do to reduce your power bill. As Rock Hill, SC’s preferred air conditioning contractor, American Air Heating & Cooling suggests you follow these six efficiency tips for substantial savings:

  1. Change your air conditioning filter every month: A dirty or clogged air filter keeps air from flowing smoothly into your HVAC system. The system works harder, increasing your energy usage. This raises your utility bills. The dust and dirt buildup may even cause damage that requires air conditioning repairs.
  2. Get regular tune-ups of your HVAC equipment: Just like a tune-up improves your car’s gas mileage, an annual service contract will improve your cooling system’s efficiency.
  3. Seal your heating and cooling ducts: Sealing the connections of your ducts and insulating ones that are exposed can save you as much as 20 percent.
  4. Install smart or programmable thermostats: Save when you’re away from home during the day or on vacation. Smart or programmable thermostats give you the ability to control exactly when your system runs.
  5. Buy ENERGY STAR equipment: If you have to replace your cooling system, choose an ENERGY STAR system. These systems are certified to be highly efficient.
  6. Make sure any equipment installed correctly: Improper installation by an A/C contractor can cause up to a 30 percent increase in energy consumption.

To learn more about cutting your cooling costs or to buy a new, energy-efficient air conditioning system, call American Air Heating & Cooling.