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American Air Heating & Cooling | Rock Hill, SC | financing available

100% Financing Available With Approved Credit

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American Air Heating & Cooling | Rock Hill, SC | enerbankusa

Call toll-free at 866-405-7600 to submit application. EnerBank USA Will need:

  • Our company name: AMERICAN AIR HEATING & COOLING
  • Our Dealer ID: 10516
  • Loan Amount Needed: $_________
  • Interest Rate Varies Depending on Credit Score
  • Loan Code DEL2622
  • Approval #: __________

Bank Financing

  • This is a simple interest loan that has no penalties for early payoff. The sooner balance is paid, the less interest occurs.
  • We do offer revolving credit card style financing but the interest rate is much higher compared to .


Rest Assured You Are Getting The Best Deal.

We will beat any competitor’s quote by $250 or we will pay you!

It’s simple… show us a copy of your lowest quote and we will beat it by $250.

Easy Terms & Conditions:

  • Competitor’s quote must be in writing.
  • Competitor must be state-licensed, bonded & insured.
  • We will match like for like equipment or install a better system.
  • If for some strange reason we cannot beat a competitor’s quote, we will write you a check for $50 to pay you for your time.

The purpose of this program is to make sure our customers are getting the best deal possible.