Just like your car needs routine maintenance, your home’s heating system needs it, too. And when your heating system is in need of a tune up, it will show. As one of the top heating services in Rock Hill, SC, American Air Heating & Cooling wants you to know the signs that your heating system is in need of preventative maintenance:

  1. Air filters that are consistently dirty – While it’s a must to replace your air filters regularly, you should also pay attention to what the old ones look like. If they seem to get really dirty really fast, it may be time for heating repair and maintenance.
  2. Problems with duct work – Have you noticed inconsistent air flow throughout your home? It might be time for you to call a heating service to check up on your system.
  3. Dramatic temperature differences – Additionally, if you notice big variations in temperatures from room to room, you should contact a heating service. This is a major indicator that your system needs preventative maintenance.
  4. Unusually expensive energy bills – No one wants a high energy bill. When you receive your bill, make note of the charges. If your usage has spiked over the course of a few months, this is a sign that your heating system needs inspecting.

If you notice any of these warning signs, call American Air Heating & Cooling today. As one of the most experienced and trusted heating services in Rock Hill, SC, you can rely on us for the best in inspections, service, maintenance, and repairs.