Around this time of year, heating services in Rock Hill, SC, and Charlotte, NC see a surge in calls about heating repairs. The heating contractors at American Air Heating & Cooling are no exception. Here are some tips and tricks that will keep you warm while helping your heat run more efficiently:

  • Use other heating sources –  Think of other ways to warm up your home if you’re worried about the wear and tear on your system. For example, use curtains to trap warm air inside your home and switch your fan to turn clockwise to push warm air down.
  • Seal everything – The warm air your HVAC system creates will escape through any openings. Make sure to seal every crack, gap, hole, and window in your home.
  • Clean vents and ducts – Dirty vents and air ducts prevent air from being able to circulate easily. Clean all your vents and ducts so warm air will flow throughout your home.
  • Inspect your system – If you’re experiencing any problems, contact an HVAC contractor right away. By immediately fixing the problem, you can prevent further damage to your system – and keep your family comfortable.
  • Schedule routine checks – Make sure you have heating services in Rock Hill, SC or Charlotte, NC regularly check your system. Well-trained contractors can spot potential issues and put a stop to them before they cause a total system failure.

As one of the top heating services in Rock Hill, SC, and Charlotte, NC, American Air Heating & Cooling is ready to fix your system at any time. Make sure your heat works all winter long by calling to schedule your routine maintenance check today.