It’s a fact of life that you probably don’t want to think about: At some point in your life as a homeowner, you’ll face some type of an issue with your heating system. When this happens, you’ll need the assistance of a quality heating repair company to get your home back to normal. Here are three common heating problems that we see at American Air Heating & Cooling:

  1. Mechanical issues – During prolonged periods of extremely cold weather, your heating system can work itself to exhaustion. Your heating system’s components will wear out and cause your unit to break down. This is where regular maintenance can really help. A technician can catch these struggling parts and fix them before they cause major issues.
  2. Pilot light or ignition issues – If you go to turn on your furnace but no heat is produced, you might have an issue with your hot surface ignition system or with your pilot light system. Call a heating repair expert to check these components so you can get the warm air flowing once again.
  3. Malfunctioning thermostat – If you turn your thermostat up but the heat doesn’t come on, you could have a broken thermostat. It could be as simple as replacing the battery or it could be a more complex repair. Have a heating service check to be sure.

If you suspect any of the problems mentioned above, call American Air Heating & Cooling today! Our heating service in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and surrounding areas will help your family warm up on even the chilliest days.